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Trial and error- ‘What’s she going to do with …THAT?!’ has been discontinued

January 2, 2012 by momm7540
I absolutely love doing ‘What’s she going to do with …THAT?!’
Where I show you an item on Tuesday then reveal it’s big transformation on Thursday.
However, It hasn’t been getting a very big response . I think you, my readers , prefer seeing the after on Thursday . Rather than participating on Tuesday? Do you agree?
Trial and error. So, from now on ‘What’s she going to do with…THAT’ will be canceled and instead I will be showcasing thrifty , frugal, transformations for your inspiration every FRIDAY. Frugal Fridays. Every Friday I’ll have some new and frugally fantastic !
If you’ve been here for a while you already know that I don’t like to spend money (maybe it’s because I don’t have much, but that’s beside the point) So each week I’ll show you something that cost little to no money to produce and hopefully it will inspire you to looks at “junk” a little differently!
Coming up this Friday I will be showing you project for my little one’s room. After a HUGE make-over in my oldest sons room, as a Christmas gift (more on that later) It left a room open for my youngest son to have all on his own. So, I’ve been working on getting his space personalized and ready to “move in.” …For free , of course. 
Come back FRIDAY to find out my Frugal transformation and see what I’m going to do with this stack of scrap 1″x3′s !!
Don’t forget to stop over tomorrow (Wendesday) for my WhateverWendesday link party- Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

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One Response to “Trial and error- ‘What’s she going to do with …THAT?!’ has been discontinued”

  1. pendy says:

    Great idea. I love inspiration on what I can do on the cheap!

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