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What she did with THAT!

December 8, 2011 by momm7540
I’m slacking on ‘What’s she going to do with …THAT?!’ this week. I’ve been working like a mad woman filling orders for custom Christmas ornaments 
custom carved Christmas ornaments $3
and getting everyone’s Christmas present made . So, I decided to show you an old project that I actually made years ago.
I found this really neat clock face at a flea market for a few bucks and turned it back into what it was born to be. 
Using a salvaged piece of wood and a clock kit (found at Hobby Lobby $6) I turned this antique clock face back into a clock. I sold it on Etsy a long time ago. I wish I had kept this one for myself. Maybe I will find another one , one day?
Today I am creating something SUPER-de-DUPER fun for a little someone’s birthday this weekend. Next week I’ll be able to show you , after she has received her gift. I can’t wait for you all to see! 
See you next week! Have a great weekend .
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  1. What a find! You did a beautiful job on it!

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