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It’s all for my boys

December 1, 2011 by momm7540
I decided to do two projects this week for ‘What’s she going to do with …THAT!?’ Mostly because one of the projects is just for fun and will eventually be thrown away and the other project isn’t finished.
I showed you cardboard boxes
 You guys have some great guesses this week. Made we want to reconsider what I was originally going to make!
When the kiddos are stuck inside, with no where to go and nothing to do, they get a little stir crazy. My kids are super creative and tend to play with just about anything , including a card board box. They have been playing in cardboard boxes (that I had left over from our move) for a while now. I decided to take their “houses” up a notch and create this
Oh, wait. It’s actually nothing like this!
The crazy kooky boys only house!
After stacking the boxes and lots of tape, the boys absolutely loved it. I’m convinced they loved it more than the (much prettier) ones you can buy at the store for a whole lot more money.
This was a fun , free, project that would be great for the up coming snow days! Not only was it fun to play in, we built it together . I think this is something that they will always remember. 
Although, I wish we had bigger boxes! My oldest son didn’t exactly fit. Did it stop him from playing in it? No!
Next up, the three oak planks.
I found these in our storage building . 
I also had some table legs that I found at a yard sale for $5 (for four) 
If you follow my Pin boards on Pinterest , you may have noticed an awful lot of pinning to the board ‘ boys room.’ That’s because I’ve been working on an extra special Christmas gift for my boys. I’m going to recreate their room into a total boy dream land. More on that later. 
Their room is pretty big . But, at the same time  unusable. One of the things I wanted to create for them was a long table where they can create or even do homework. 
So, I grabbed some supplies , my husband, and got to work.
There are two legs. I’m not sure why I didn’t get a picture of both of them. But, I’m working on putting together a little how-to on making this style table. Be sure to come back to see how it turns out!

WhateverWednesday link party is still open-hop on over and link up your projects!!

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3 Responses to “It’s all for my boys”

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh sooo clever! The boys will surely remember this project and all the fun and laughter. I was going to do the same thing with my tree rounds ;-) but I won't as you are doing a great job. Have fun this week!
    Your friend Nancy

  2. Sarah says:

    you are a super fun mom and your boys will definitely remember that little house! cant wait to see their room all finished! i need some inspiration for my sons room ;)

  3. kay Ellen says:

    Oh my miss the days when my kiddos where small…adorable club house:))

    I will head over and check out your pinterest..boy it a little addicting! haha

    Thanks for hosting:)

    Kay Ellen

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