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My gallery wall and bedroom reveal

October 31, 2011 by momm7540
Within the first day of moving into our new home  , I knew we need at least one room that felt like it was “ours.”
We chose our bedroom . It’s the smallest room in the house= less money spent. Being the only room with a cable hook-up , I knew we would be spending a lot of our spare time in that  room . 
With paint and new carpet we had a fresh new space to rest our heads. 
For my readers that have been around a while : May remember this piece
I originally refurbished this piece for sale. Not too long after trying to sell it , I slapped a “SOLD” tag on it and brought it home for myself. I fell in love with this piece after painting it. The cool tones and the contrasting wood grain makes it feel so calming.

As large as this dresser is , placing it along the long wall in my bedroom really dwarfed it size. That’s where the gallery wall came to life. I have been collecting different frames, photos, and trinkets for this wall for a while. Funny, I ended up not even using half of it and decided with things around my home. 

I’m thinking I may still add more and make the gallery much larger . But, for now , it works just great and makes our room feel more like home.

I will definitely be doing more gallery walls through-out my home. I love all of the different memories you can capture . The overall feeling is so comforting , to me. 

Wondering why I used maps ? 
I used them on this side of my room to tie into the other side of my room…
My father is an electrician . While he was demoing out an old school ,years ago , he brought this huge pull down map home for me . He knew I would love it!  Not only does it look really great in this space, give a focal point, add lots of color, it also serves an educational purpose . My oldest son loves to refer to it when studying geography . 
When I first hung this in my home I remember thinking , ” People are going to think I’m so weird .”

Then , Layla from the Lettered Cottage posted THIS !! I must have amazing taste .

(we even have the same bed! The crazy thing is: It’s not on purpose , pure coincidence. )

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6 Responses to “My gallery wall and bedroom reveal”

  1. Looks great Amy! I love the dresser. Very clever of you to leave the wood exposed like that…it adds alot of warmth to the piece.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Katie says:

    Your room looks awesome!! I love that dresser/nightstand by the bed!! Love your gallery wall too!

  3. Love this refinished piece… I had never seen it and I love the wood tones mixed with the paint. It is just beautiful! The Gallery wall is really nice… I just did my first gallery wall in our family room and I just love the “life” it brings to the space. Nothing like seeing my happy kids faces all over my wall! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the Vintage feel…

  5. love the dresser, i love the gallery wall as well. i would love to feature your dresser on my next revival monday, let me know if that would be ok with you

  6. Melissa says:

    Your bedroom looks amazing!!! Everything came together so nicely!! I really love the gallery wall!

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