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Think it’s time to give it away?

July 27, 2011 by momm7540
think again!

Do you have an useless hand-me-down dresser? Trash bound chest of drawers ?
Before you give it away, trash, or sell it, how about some other ways to use a piece – other than what it’s intended for?

Dressers are extremely versatile . With all the storage, they have almost endless possibilities !
Re-use # 1
Entertainment center
While “entertainment” centers are perfectly fine and definitely serve their purpose ,
I love to use furniture pieces in their place. A lot of times these prefabricated pieces are boring . Create multiple looks with different styles of furniture pieces.
FarmHouse Style
Remove the drawers and add old found soda crates for a custom “junk fabulous” look.
Primitive style
Industrial chic
Re-use #2
Changing table
With the addition of a changing pad , any ol’ dresser will serve as a changing table. After a good coat of paint, a little distressing, new hardware , this piece turned out to be a show-stopping piece that any nursery would crave! 
changing pad can be found any any major retail store
Re-use #3
Dinner Buffet
 Turn any dinner party from drab to fab with this buffet !
add height to the table for a more interesting layout
add little decorative extras for a more playful setting everyone will be talking about. But, be sure not to overcrowd !
Re-use #4 
Holiday party display
A lot of times, when you are outdoors, party decorations can be lost amongst the natural outdoor settings. Make a huge statement by bringing your furniture outdoors!
create a focal point with a coordinating tablescape
I hope I made you think twice about tossing your old furniture to the curb. Or maybe I will inspire you to look around and find a special piece for you to bring into your home and mix it up! Always look past what something is used for and think, ” What else can I use this for?”
How does your dresser function? Send me a picture of how you re-used your dresser to

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2 Responses to “Think it’s time to give it away?”

  1. Lea Liz says:

    I love love the turquoise dresser!!!!!! I am wanting paint my dining room hutch and table but I do not even know where to begin, haha. I may juts facebook you for some tips and tricks! You do an awesome job!!

  2. Cheyenne says:

    This post absolutely makes me positive that I want an old window frame for my wall.

    When you say change pad can be found at any major retail store—which ones? I have never seen anything like it and I really want it! I will probably have to order it from the US-but I'm thinking it's a must have.

    I just love your blog!

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