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Thank you’s and an FYI

May 24, 2011 by momm7540

Wow- seriously-wow.

I am so excited to see every one’s response, well wishes, and FB comments to my last past. Thank you so much. I wish I was upfront about my home in the very beginning !

In other news: I opened my Etsy shop back up! After an un-successful journey with Etsy a few years ago, I decided to try it again . Before I was making things just to make money, Instead of making things I love. We’ll see what the outcome is this time.

I hope you all go over and check it out. I would love feedback or any advice you could give me. Thank you all for being such a support system. I {heart} you!

Also, I am running my FREE AD space again for the month of JUNE on FaceBook. If you are interested be sure to head over there and ‘Like’ Momma Hen and ‘Like’ the giveaway status. Goodluck!

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One Response to “Thank you’s and an FYI”

  1. Adorable Momma Hen…:) I wanted to remind you about another Chalk Paint Giveaway (2 cans)…I also have a stockist who is giving away more products for my to giveaway soon…Yay!!! I know you really want to win some…

    Stop by and check it out…And I have a few finished projects…a slipcover with ribbon ties down the backs, a chalkboard I revamped and a new piece of furniture that orig. was $2300 that I snagged for $200…and the story about trying to get it home! lol :D lol

    And I need your address…I want to send a little something for the extra effort you did on my last giveaway! Xo, Meme

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