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Do I have what it takes? Pauls Deen is looking for the next ‘Deen Team’ blogger!

October 16, 2012 by momm7540
What’s that you say, Paula? I would love to!
Okay, so clearly Miss Paula Deen did not say this. Nor do I think that it is much of a possibility, but I happened to notice this link on Paula Deen’s Facebook page. Me and Paula Deen: What do we have in common….oh, I don’t know….FOOD?!
Us southern gals know how to whip up some comfort food. Don’t you think? 

Oh Miss Paula I would love to share not only my own original recipes and photography; I would love to share my entertaining ideas
 and my holiday/seasonal projects
I always try to share things that are real. Sometimes DIY isn’t perfect, I like to share when things go wrong and how to fix them. I like to share things that are within anyone’s budget. Best of all I like to connect with YOU. My favorite part about blogging is to hear your stories, share your projects, and connect daily with all my readers.
What do you think? Am I cut out to be your next Deen Team blogger?

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