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Spiced pumpkin bread recipe

October 15, 2012 by momm7540
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Is there anything better than a loaf of soft pumpkin bread in the Fall? How about a HEALTHY loaf of pumpkin bread that still tastes just as delicious as its full fatty version. By now, you know I get instant cravings that I have an overwhelming desire to cure immediately. Craving a pumpkin, gingerbread, cheesecake combination I decided to start out with a pumpkin bread recipe and add in some spicy gingerbread flavors and top it with a fluffy cream cheese frosting (to pull in some cheesecake flavors.) 
Having just had a baby I started feeling a little guilty preparing to indulge in this calorie packed sweet treat. So I took a basic pumpkin bread recipe and altered it in a way to make it a healthier version. 
I was left with an absolute perfection of my craving. Lets just say even though it was healthy….Eating almost the entire loaf kind of defeated the purpose….ooops.

This is a recipe you HAVE to try! If you try this recipe or any of my other recipes email me and let me in on your story Can’t wait to hear from you!


::Cream cheese frosting recipe::

Original recipe that I altered for my own use

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One Response to “Spiced pumpkin bread recipe”

  1. Lilia Mossy says:

    It looks delicious, I`ll try it for my baby. Thanks! :)

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