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think outside of the box

December 22, 2010 by momm7540
Don’t get me wrong; It’s lovely inside the box. It’s comfortable, safe, and sometimes is the best option.

With that said: When you are standing in Lowes and they have a super-de-duper sale on some totally fab directors chairs ($5!) and the thought crosses your mind ,” They just may be gone tomorrow if I don’t act fast.” GRAB Those chairs!

Now, When your husband shows up and gives you one of “those” looks as your replacing your good,  matching, solid wood kitchen chairs with directors chairs….well….who am I kidding. I have no advice on that one.


I’ve never been happier with my newly , out of the ordinary change.
Now, I chose white.
{Which once again made me receive “the look.” You’d think Mr. Hubs would learn to look away by now. sheesh.}
But, there are TONS of colors to choose from. You can change them out according to Holidays,seasons, or even your mood.
Dirty? toss in the washer and Presto chango. Done!

To prove I’m not crazy: Here is somone who pulled it off and ended up with one uber chic space!

I intend to do much more with my dining area. But for now this small makeover has made a pretty good impact! 


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9 Responses to “think outside of the box”

  1. What a great look. Five dollars, seriously!! I get the look when I do something new, too. Men! Thanks so much for sharing this out of the box idea at my party. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

  2. What a great buy! I don't blame you for grabbing them!

  3. Brooke says:

    I know this is a RANDOM question but I noticed it in your picture! Do you have cabinet doors with glass in them or just no upper cabinet doors?!?! I'm trying to decide if I want to repaint my cabinet doors or paint the inside of the cabinets and remove the doors… Decisions decisions!!!

  4. I've been hiding :)
    I'm so glad you stopped by, love your blog and those chairs, what a steal! My hubby would have given me the same look :)
    I love you sofa you slip covered below too, fabulous!

  5. Amy Kinser says:

    So funny! My husband so has the look and the questions to go with it.

    Love your chairs.

  6. Oh yes, I know that look. I love the new look of your chairs! Good work acting quick!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  7. I think a lot of us women know 'that look' lol!!! it looks fab!!! :)

  8. Erin says:

    Thanks for kind words about my Christmas decorating, Amy! I too am in a white mood lately and want to add more white elements to my house. Those chairs were a fantastic find–enjoy them!


  9. Man! I never seem to catch good bargains like that! Not even on Craigslist can I find them that cheap! Great find.

    Also love the overhead lamp! Is that from Barn Electric?

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