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DIY slipcover {revisit}

December 17, 2010 by momm7540




The following image may not be appropriate for all ages. You may want to ask others who are easily disgusted to leave the room now.



Okay, now let me tell you:


first, It’s not as bad as it looks.


Second, I knew I wanted a large camel back sofa.


Third, This couch was only $20!


The sofa originally was all scratched up on the back…They had a little yippie dog that liked to sit on the back .


too small to jump; he climbed.


Nice, huh?


I removed all the damaged fabric  . Then, realizing I didn’t have a before picture.


This is why it looked so badly.


I replaced the ratty looking torn fabric  with some fresh clean fabric to hold all the stuffing in place.


Doing this , I [very] simply tacked the fabric  along the back and stuffed the bottom portion down underneath the foam. It wasn’t going to be seen , so I didn’t worry about how it looked.


However, that said, If it were a piece I was going to sell; I would do a much more professional job.


But, it wasn’t. So, I didn’t.


Now, I have had so many of you wanting to know HOW I made my slip cover.


I am the type of person that gets something in my mind and just jumps in and does it. With out thinking.


I’m not going to give a tutorial because it would be horrible and uninteresting.


BUT! I will send you to {slipcover heaven}


This woman, if you haven’t heard of her yet, is genius.


Her slip covers are amazing .


Conveniently, she has a how-to guide to get you through your slip covering endeavour.


(which, I highly recommend-don’t take me for an example and do it on your own)


Pink and Polka Dot




Guide to making a slip cover E-book


(by Pink and Polka Dot)






Stop reading


(be sure to come back!I haven’t revealed my after for goodness sake.)


and go take a look at her blog!


Great, huh?


She was the inspiration behind wanting to jump (head first) into the world of slip covering.


do you have a hideous piece of furniture


(like mine. Famously named “drug behind a truck“)


Cover it up! I promise, when you do, you will not be disappointed.


Although, time consuming, it will be worth it in the end.


Then….You’ll turn this:



into THIS:







To read the original post go: HERE


Chic on a Shoestring Decorating




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  1. lady maas says:

    This was very helpful. There aren't many examples of diy camelback slipcovers out there. My sofa is very similar to yours,and i have been looking for ideas how to slipcover it because it's also from a thrift store and has wonderful down-filled cushions. Thanks for the links!

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