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and you thought it didn’t get any better…

November 12, 2010 by momm7540
If you missed this furniture save ,catch up HERE
For everyone else :

I finally delivered This gem to the proud mommy-to-be and she absolutely loved it, as I knew she would.
Our hubs’ moved it into the baby nursery and we even got to help put her crib together!
Before leaving she approached me with the opportunity to paint another piece of furniture for her .
Isn’t it great?! I jumped at the chance to give this one a make-over.
She sent me home with the idea of a matching(with THIS color) piece to the changing table….
Call me crazy, I just don’t like matchy matchy. It makes me gag. I am a 100% believer of ‘coordinating’ rather than ‘matching’
My idea just wasn’t what the “client” wanted.
……what to do what to do…
I called her up with a positive coaxing voice and begged pitched my idea.
She said[quote],” AHH! It sounds GREAT!please please do that! ”
I laterally hung up the phone, sanded, preped , gathered supplies, and started painting. Finishing withing 2 hours, including drying time.
Want to see?? Here it is!!!
Well? What do you think?
We’ve had multiple conversations expressing the hatred for an all pink girls room .  Don’t get us wrong, We LOVE pink. I suppose it’s back to that whole “matchy matchy” thing. Plus, It’s sooo….expected.
We love the unexpected.
I just love the modern , simple, and calming feel this piece will bring to her nursery and I think it coordinates just perfect with the previous piece I painted for her.
I was even able to reuse the hardware. With a little sanding they look good as new ! All the paint used, I already had on hand. FREE is the best price for me!
Fyi- The hubs is (finally) over the stomach bug only to wake up last night to realize my Brenbear had a fever.
Three down….one to go (me)
I hope you enjoyed this reveal . I’m off to take care of my baby!
Have a great weekend!!
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17 Responses to “and you thought it didn’t get any better…”

  1. That is so unique and original! I love it~~nice work!! I've always wanted to do a nursery in creams and grays….I know, totally not girly pink or boyish blue! ;-)

  2. Well, it only would have gotten better if she had said that she changed her mind and wanted you to have it! : ) I love this piece! I don't like all pink nurseries either, and my daughter is so set against pink that I am surprised when I see my little granddaughter wearing any pink at all.

  3. Very sweet! I love the little bird!

  4. momnivore says:

    Seeing these posts is inspiring…I have a desk that belonged to my father (mid-century) and an old wine cabinet that need a face-lift…

    following you now!

  5. nickys nook says:

    this started off as a beautiful piece so you couldn't go wrong

  6. Vintage Home says:

    …You are a smarty….much better to co-ordinate than matchey matchey…delightful & the babe will love it!

  7. Snappy Di says:

    It's sweet an unique and would be lovely in any child's room. Or my room for that matter.


  8. Verde Farm says:

    Just found your blog and I LOVE IT. Your furniture re-do pics are awesome. Great photos. Love it!
    Amy at Verde Farm

  9. Jenny says:

    Wow. This is wonderful. I totally love what you did and how amazing that you could reuse the hardware…it is perfect for the piece. Do you do anything do the inside of the drawers? You could almost paint them hot pink!

    Really great.

    Hope you don't get sick, too.

    Sending a little germ-free hug your way.

  10. oh my goodness i LOVE this dresser- the shape, the colors, the design… beautiful job!

  11. SO pretty! You are very talented. I love the birdy. :)

  12. I love both pieces! You are very talented. :)

  13. What is the name of the gray paint? It's lovely.

  14. These are beautiful! You do great work. Visiting from Stories of a House and am your newest follower!

  15. wow!! this is an amazing job, it looks perfect (i am jealous!)

  16. Tammie says:

    Where did you get the stencil for the dresser? I love it.

  17. Tammie, I just free-handed it. I’ve seen people use projectors before though, it might be a better option.

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