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lions tigars and MONEY ,oh my!

September 1, 2010 by momm7540
I survived the day.
Despite the obsessive need to use the bathroom at each and every gas station between here and 103.81 miles it took to get there. I even survived the TWENTY DOLLAR light up thingamabobs(that EVERY kid had), fifteen dollar cotton candy, 9 dollar pop corn that tasted like it came from last years show, and even the untouched $6.50 sodas.
after seeing this look though out the entire circus made it all a perfect well spent evening. I would have spent twice the amount (well maybe that’s pushing it a bit) for this moment.
If I do say so myself, I believe he had an awesome birthday !
My Bren bear even loved it! I was a bit nervous at first but he watched the entire show and danced around and laughed and had a great time!

(I have this amazing zoom on my camera. beats me why I didn’t use it)
 My big man is now 7 years old. 
I made it.
I survived.
But, I suppose that is only because we have moved on from that…to girls
Ryan walks in the door  after school with this new “look” on his face.  A look I had never seen before. Part googly eyes, part I fell off the steps and hit my head and can’t see straight any more.  and hands me (about a million!) little papers adorned with hearts and flowers and I love you’s.
{insert slight  puke sound}
This “look” I saw was his “I’m in love” look.
My 7 year old is in love.
So, I responded to him by saying .The only woman in your life is your mommy. You are not aloud to have girlfriends. NO GIRLS! If I find out you have any girlfriends or talk to any girls you are grounded for life.
what? too harsh?
any words of wisdom on this subject? I don’t think I’ll survive this one.

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3 Responses to “lions tigars and MONEY ,oh my!”

  1. Jessica says:

    uh oh! it has begun! luckily, my son is only one so i have a few years before this happens (i hope). he is a little flirt already.. so maybe it'll be sooner than i think! glad you all had a great birthday celebration.

  2. Snappy Di says:

    I say lock him in his room til he's 21. You know the girls these days are way forward and are gonna be all over that boy! LOL

  3. Jenny says:

    Oh, he is soooo cute. It sounds like a great time. My son never liked girls until high school. It sounds kinda/sorta sweet, though.

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