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Fall Mantel 2012

September 17, 2012 by momm7540
When I started on my living room make-over I knew right away I wanted a fireplace mantel. Having a mantel gives the space a big focal point and a place where I can decorate for all of the seasons. I hope you enjoy all of my seasonal decorations to come.
I like to keep the mantel pretty simple so that it wont interfere with watching television. However, not boring!
I love the bold punch of warm colors that just a few pieces really added to this space. I was even able to squeeze in a mini-project.
Using Martha Stewart’s gold gilding and sticky stencils I created a little personal touch to a big white pumpkin.
Creating this project took less than a minute. Stick the stencil in place, using a Martha Stewart paint brush, brush on the gold gilding, remove the stencils, stand back and enjoy!
Happy Fall Ya’ll!!
(All of the above mentioned Martha Stewart crafts items can be found at Micheals!)


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6 Responses to “Fall Mantel 2012”

  1. I'm swooning over your mantel!! It is lovely and you did such a great job styling it!

  2. Geneva says:

    Very Lovely! You have impeccable taste “:o)

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