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Weekend surprise and a reveal

June 7, 2010 by momm7540
Remember the  ever-so-infamous-drug-behind-a-truck-sofa . Oh  of course. How could you forget? I’m still out there searching for the perfect fabric…More on that later. … If anyone out there has any ideas of how I can get my hands on the most fabulous fabric for my poor poor pitiful couch. Please let me know. She would surely appreciate it!

Meanwhile, I happened upon a cute little ‘mom and pop’  shop strangely nestled along this old crooked secluded back road. I couldn’t pass it up. It seems those are places hiding all the jewels .

As suspected, I found so many fun and amazing things. Among those things happened to be this adorable bunch of silverware.

After a small amount of research I found I really got a deal on these babies!

Want to know more about them? Take a little trip here . Pretty nifty , eh? I thought so.
I will be listing these little beauties on my Etsy shop soon. Be sure to check them out!

Okay……..prepare yourself…..

Without further ado….

My brand new coffee table . Grin.

Isn’t she a beauty? Now, If you can handle any more….I have a question for ya….

well yes, of course. giggle. But what else?

An added little surprise! The drawer was less than pretty inside. So I added some pretty vintage song paper.


Not a bad way to spend $10 , eh?

Happy Monday All! ~Momma.

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5 Responses to “Weekend surprise and a reveal”

  1. CaCavatica says:

    Wow….you did a beautiful job! And the music sheet liner was brilliant!!!

  2. Okay….I am seriously envious of this amazing coffee table you got for TEN DOLLARS! I love how it turned out. That style is exactly what I want for my family room. Too bad you don't live closer. I'd offer to buy it from you for a heck of a lot more than $10.00! :)

    Thanks for stopping by a couple weeks ago and commenting on my white slipcovers. Sorry it has taken me so darn long to get by to say “hi” to you.

  3. Kiri says:

    Totally gorgeous table makeover! And lining the drawer with music sheets…genious! Thanks so much for your tips on refinishing my chair! They were greatly appreciated! And although I won't send it to you when I'm done, I will definitely share pictures ;) Have a great end of the week!

  4. Its so nice when a table remembers its manners.

  5. Beautiful job! I love that you made the inside pretty too.
    have a great weekend!

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