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Teresa! You’re making me hungry!

June 3, 2010 by momm7540
I {luckily} found Blooming on Bainbridge . How cute is she?! I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog. But!! She’s killing me with all her food posts lately.
What’s on the agenda today?
Lovely painting a piece of furniture
Making a much needed slip cover for a extremely ugly couch
Cleaning the house
Weeding my flower garden
nope none of those…
I am . Eating. 
May 22 <---That's how long I have been DIEING FOR  craving  a fresh veggie frittata . So, today, I made one. yum.  
I opted for some different veggies. I’m pretty sure ANY veggies would be FAB for a frittata. Oh! Don’t forget the CCHHEESE!! Make sure you go here to see what Teresa did with her frittata!
Ooops, I ate it before I could snap a picture!! mmmm….Yummmyyy….
 Thanks Blooming on Bainbridge . Instead of “…Pop-ing over…” I’m “Pop-ing” out (my belly that is.)
While I have you here. Let me show you what my son brought me yesterday.
ah, I love my bubba bear . Smile.
~Proud Momma

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3 Responses to “Teresa! You’re making me hungry!”

  1. That looks DELISH!! I really need to buy a cast iron skillet.
    Have a faulous weekend!

  2. Teresa says:

    I'm SMILIN' so big my CHEEKS are hurtin'!
    Be still my FRITTATa lovin' heart!
    I KNOW that was GOOD!
    So sorry it took me this long to pop over!
    I'm so delighted you re-reminded me!
    I can get a bit absent minded you know!
    I LOVE LOVE your frittata!
    And I KNOW that bacon was yummy!
    What a sweet surprise to find myself here!
    And I am tellin' ya!
    That cast iron skillet makes the frittata…don't you think!
    Following YOU now!
    Don't wanna miss a thing!
    Thanks for popping over to Bainbridge and MAKING my day BRIGHT!

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