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Does anyone have the time?

May 25, 2010 by momm7540
Still no photos of the coffee table re-do…why?  Because I didn’t finish it. I went shopping instead.
and found this!
Isn’t it great? I found it at my all time favorite “junk” store , ‘Remember When…’
I wish everything came with it’s story…where it came from…who owned it….what it was used for…. Wouldn’t that be amazing? 
I immediately brought it home and turned it back into a clock.
Naturally….I took apart the clock I already own (giggle) and stole the inner workings…
Immediately followed by my husband staring at me in disbelief and wondering how we will ever know what
time it is.
After convincing hubs that it would be great…..
…finding the perfect piece of weathered wood…
Simply added my beautiful clock face and put it all back togetherr. Now I have a lovely addition to someones home.
Notice I said ” someones home?” Yeah. I think I am going to take this and open my Etsy shop back up. It’s been a long while since I have had anything in my shop. Love?
Back to all my other unfinished projects ~Momma

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One Response to “Does anyone have the time?”

  1. Beach Vintage says:

    Love what you have done with this clock. It looks great! Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

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