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faux paneled walls

August 5, 2012 by momm7540
A blue nursery for a baby girl? Yes! I knew if I ever had a girl I wouldn’t go the “all pink” route. Although I adore pink. I just didn’t want that to be a main focus for a girl . When designing my baby girl’s nursery I started with these curtains and these paint options.
I really wanted to go the aqua route with a little accent of blue. But, after seeing the paint chips against the curtains the only¬† chip that stood out was the dark blue chip. So, that’s what I started with.
This is a very small room and a dark paint color was only going to make the room seem smaller. So, I came up with a few options to make it work. First, a mural to break up the dark color.
I also decided to only paint two of the walls this blue and the other two walls a soft white . I love how the white birch trees looked parallel to the white walls. However, it was just missing a little character. Being a nursery I feel like I can add a little more flavor without going overboard and I was excited to do that!
So, today I started painting some faux panels on the wall. I have a really pretty white vanity that will go on this wall and I think it will look so elegant placed up against the blue panels.
We started by masking off the height of the panels. In this case: 7″ from the ceiling and 7″ from the floor.
Then the width. We made the center panel larger than the two outer panels. The size will depend on the size wall you are doing. Just measure along your walls, make marks where you want your panels to be and the tape will ensure you have straight lines. Just play with it for a while, stand back along, use levels and you will have beautiful shapes. I didn’t want just rectangles. I wanted to add a little girly touch by curving the edges i (Not sure what this is called…do you?)
I did this by creating a template out of a cereal box. I marked 3″ away from the corner on both sides, placed a round object (bowl) on the 3″ marks, traced the outline, cut away the partial circle .
Line your squared sides up with the tape lines and trace along the cutout area. flip your template over for the other side.
Tape off your lines
See how that worked so well? This entire process only took about 15 minutes.
Paint the insides , remove tape while still wet to create good clean lines and tada!
This one little process added a ton of character, broke up all of the dark blue keeping the room light and also gave the blue a more feminine feel.
I’m having so much fun decorating this space. I want this room to grow with my little miss. While I have these sophisticated touches I am also adding lots of cutesy girly things like polka dots! You can never go wrong with polka dots in a kids room.
I’m also bringing in a vintage feel (of course) with some fun flea market finds
This is a vintage bed covering that I simply laid over the crib springs to create a one of a kind crib skirt that can later be used on a toddler bed or even when she becomes a teen .
I still have lots of work to do in this space. But, I will be bringing you along…don’t worry!
Next, a rocking chair make-over.
Do you think these faux paneled walls could be pulled off in an adult space?


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4 Responses to “faux paneled walls”

  1. Lea Liz says:

    I am loving the navy walls!!!!!!
    Looking great!!!
    I love the accent wall, I think that would lok awesome anywhere!!

  2. Geneva says:

    Your baby girl will be so happy in her beautiful room. I love your fearless approach to decorating and yes, that wall would look very good in an adult space. I'm so excited for you…you're doing a wonderful job. Hope you're feeling well…it won't be long until you have her in your arms.

  3. Kim says:

    I love the mural and I love how the white between the blue panels mimics the birch trees! Can't wait to see the rest of the space.

  4. I just received my first copy of Folk Magazine. Thank you so much, for the giveaway. I'm so glad I won.
    Can't wait to dig into it.

    By the way…the wall looks terrific!

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