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Living room reveal

June 5, 2012 by momm7540
Way back in September of 2011 I did my first post telling your I was going to do a make-over. Nine months later I finally have a finished living room.
Remember how it all started?
boring, dirty, and in a major need of some help!
be sure to visit this post to see the beginning of the process .
Now, after so much sweat and tears, I wont make you wait any longer.
Our brand new ,fabulous coastal cottage style living room!
Seriously, it’s the same room.
I’ll have more photos coming this week of the other side of the room.
I’m so glad you all stuck with me through this process and waited all this time for a reveal. I hope I didn’t disappoint and it was all worth the wait!
Well, what do you think!?

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11 Responses to “Living room reveal”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the white and the fire place, you did a really great job. Sharing on my FB Page!

  2. Geneva says:

    You guys have done a beautiful job. You have amazingly good taste! Can't wait to see more of your photo's later this week.

  3. sara says:

    Mostly peoples like to Make Style for Living Room

  4. Megan says:

    Hi! New reader. Geneva sent me! Had to tell you this is unbelievable!!! So so gorgeous!

  5. Amazing work!

  6. Yay! That looks so nice! I bet it makes you smile every time you pull up to your house now. :)

  7. Gen says:

    It's Beautiful, you did a great job!

  8. It looks beautiful! I love the color!

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