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Pepsi crates and a ladder to good use

May 22, 2012 by momm7540
My most popular post to date. This bathroom was a horrible, nasty place to visit. I did a quick freebie make-over and made it so much more bearable.
To see more about the make-over click one of the photos or click HERE.
I have much more intended for this space . But , there is so many more important projects to work on throughout our entire house.
Our gigantic make-over in the living room has been put on hold, once again. We are waiting for carpet and it will be complete. yay!
Until the carpet arrives I’ve been piddling around the rest of the house doing some “re-design.” I love to go in and switch some things around to give a space a whole new life. Just by swapping a few items around the house , a room can feel like a whole new space and that definitely puts a smile on my face. I love a fresh new feel!
I have super-de-duper special guest coming to stay with us in a couple weeks.My mommy!! I haven’t seen her in TWO years! We chat daily , of course. But, I can’t wait to actually be able to sit down with her and talk face to face and watch her with her grandkids . Since she will be traveling by plane she wont be able to bring a lot of her personal things and I want to be able to make her feel at home . So, I decided to add some storage , extra linens , and some comfort items to our guest bathroom. 
I didn’t go out and spend a bunch of money on a storage unit. You know better than that! 
I simply snatched up some junk from my storage building and put them to good use. 
This has been the most effective use of space and usable storage I’ve had yet in my home. By easily attaching these pepsi crates the wall added a rustic look, slim line storage without taking up any space and keeps everything right at reach . That way guests don’t feel like they are digging through your personal things just to grab a roll of toilet paper or a hand towel. 
I also propped up a ladder to aid in a relaxing bath and to keep a few things just in reach while relaxing in a bubble bath.
This bathroom appears larger than it actually is in photos. A hutch, table, or any other type of storage just doesn’t work in this small space. 
What kind of junk do you have laying around that you can utilize as storage?

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4 Responses to “Pepsi crates and a ladder to good use”

  1. I never thought of a crate as a shelf. That's clever!


  2. I love how you use what you have! You are so talented!

  3. Allie says:

    Love this! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I just went to Amazon and searched for wireless remotes that worked with my camera and I found one. I think it was less than $5! :)

  4. kristiB says:

    What a cute and creative idea!!! Great job :0)

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