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A blast from the past

May 21, 2012 by momm7540
I was updating my “furniture” tab and realized a few pieces were missing from my blog. When I switched from WordPress back to Blogger I ended up losing a lot of my posts.
A couple years back While I was searching through Craigslist I saw this:
“old metal dresser” and it  intrigued my interest . The only place I’ve seen metal furniture is in Anthropology.
or Restoration Hardware
Which, I CAN NOT afford!
I clicked on the listing , immediately called the seller and marked it sold! 

I wish I could find the before picture to show you what it looked like! 

Here is a photo I found online that sort of shows what it looked like before. 



Except mine was faux painted to look like wood grain. Anyone actually know why dressers were made from metal and made to look like wood? I would love to know! I have heard they were made in the 40′s . But, that’s all I know.

I wanted an industrial look . So, I begged and pleaded my husband to remove every square inch of paint with his grinder and he even gave it a good clear coat.
I added some glass knobs to make sure it wasn’t too masculine .
These are all old pictures and doesn’t really show how amazing this piece is.

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One Response to “A blast from the past”

  1. kristiB says:

    I think this looks better than anything from Restoration Hardware or Anthro,simply because it is vintage and you can't reproduce that. Another beautiful idea!

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