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Better late than never-halloween recap

November 7, 2012 by momm7540


I realize this is very late. I just can’t seem to get back on track since our baby girl was born. Do any other mothers have/had trouble with this? With each of my kids I feel like it takes at least a year to get life back in order. Maybe I’m the only one.

Did everyone enjoy their Halloween? Halloween is one of my very favorite “holidays.” Playing dress up, creative fun, and CANDY! What more could a person ask for?

I made some fun Goo-ourgeous cupcakes for my son’s class. Again with the ‘getting back on track’ deal. I waited until last minute to make the cupcakes and didn’t have time to actually plan out something really fun. I opted for simple and absolutely adored the glamorous creepy look.

My son came back and said everyone loved them. Either he lied to make me feel better or my laziness paid off. Either way, I was happy.


My mom has been pinning lots of fun Day of the Dead photos on Pinterest. I have always loved the Día de los Muertos look, but actually started reading about what the celebration is about. Very interesting. While the kiddos carved their silly face pumpkins, I opted for a themed pumpkin. While my mom wanted to paint me up Day of the dead style for Halloween. I declined and decided to paint her a pumpkin instead. Not quite the same, but it will do.

Someone commented on Facebook, ” this is the prettiest ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.” I litterilly laughed out loud. I think she’s kind of cute!

Speaking of cute: My baby girl didn’t get to wear her costume on Halloween. It was too cold to even get her out of the car. In that case a photo shoot was in order.

Isn’t my sweet fairy baby a doll?! I put this costume together using clothes she already had and made the wings out of supplies I received to do a sponsored post for Martha Stewart a while back. I used Martha Stewarts paintable plastic, cut the fairy wing shape.Then used her screen printing stencils and paint to finish off the look. I love how it turned out.

I ended up DIY-ing all of our costumes this year. My oldest son and husband wanted to be zombies this year. I have to admit they were so much fun creating the uber scary look together. I even jumped on the scary bandwagon and “dressed up ” as a vampire. I guess I do have a scary side.

Aren’t the flesh wounds fabulous! I created them by mixing gelatin with a little bit of water. Just simply worked the mixture around on his skin to create a fleshy wound. Then after it dried applied red food coloring and makeup.

My youngest son also wanted to be a zombie and at the last minute decided he wanted to be a zombie hunter so he could carry a gun.

He thought he was pretty tough. I just thought he was adorable-Sponge Bob rain boots and all!

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