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homemade peanut butter -honey peanut butter recipe

hand-made gift idea: homemade peanut butter and announcing the participants in our super mega giveaway

November 13, 2012 by momm7540

Today is day 2 of ’5 days then a giveaway’ where I share hand-made holiday gifts for 5 days then host a super-mega giveaway with the help of 9 other fellow crafters. Each of these crafters have a hand-made business of their own. This is in hopes to bring awareness to the fact that we should support our local small business owners. I hope that you will think about creating your own gifts to hand out this Christmas. And to also take note of these nine businesses and possibly shop in their shop for all your friends and family. Let me introduce them to you  now.

(from top left hand corner)

Bel Monili :: bel monili offers uniquely stylish upcycled vintage jewelry and accessories. This bracelet is hand-crafted and one of a kind featuring upcycled vintage components. View her products in her Etsy shop or you can find Bel Monili on FB &Twitter @belmonili

Cowbelles :: Outside the Box Ornaments. Tokens of Love, a Smile or Kisses. Adornments of Thanks & Your Best Wishes. View her products in her ETSY shop or you can find Cowbelles on FB & Twitter

Junxtaposition :: *(junks-ta-po-zish’ -un), noun, the art and placement of junk for design purposes. View her products on her website and visit her on Facebook.

Sew4U :: Personalized gifts for U! You can see her products and contact her on FB.

Eternal Light Shop::High Quality Handmade Crochet & Knit! ❤ You can find her products on in her shop on Etsy and contact or visit her on FB.

Loopsy Daisy Korkers :: a momma of 4 – three of them girls! I have a love of quirky korker bows and want to share them with other moms (and aunts, grandmas, friends, etc.)! Contact or visit her on FB .

Prim n Pretty :: Shabby Chic and Primitive decor. Homemade crafts and more! contact or visit her on FB.

Prairie Girls Creations :: Creations. Specializing in Vinyl Wall Art and Hand Painted ‘Quote’ Boards Visit her on FB or view her products in her Etsy shop.

OOAK prop shop :: High quality crocheted photography props. You can find her products in her Etsy shop or view her photography business on FB.

Standing ovation please? I would love if you pay these ladies a visit and share some love ( or a ‘like’ )

Join me all week for handmade gift ideas. Then on Friday join all of us over on FOLK magazine’s blog for a chance to win products from all of these hand-made shops, including a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to FOLK magazine!! (The products being offered and the rules will be shared on the day of the giveaway, Friday.)


Yesterday’s hand-made gift was granola

I don’t know about you, but I believe you can never go wrong with food as a gift. That’s why today I’m going to share another fun food gift idea.

Who knew peanut butter was so easy to make. As a gift, I received a Ninja. You know, the blender Ninja. (As if you thought I got a real life karate kicking ninja…but, anyway.) I was thinking, ” What can I make right away with this ninja?”  Peanut butter it is!

Peanut butter to me is a comfort food. There is not one person that I know that doesn’t enjoy a big ol’ spoon full of peanut butter from time to time. Unless of course you are allergic. In that case you probably should skip this gift idea.

homemade peanut butter

Recipe Type: snack
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 12 oz can of unsalted peanuts
  • 4 TBSP honey
  • 4 TBSP olive oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  1. Evenly distribute peanuts on a parchment paper lined sheet pan.
  2. stir vanilla into honey then drizzle evenly over top of peanuts. Use a rubber spatula to marry the honey,vanilla, and peanuts all together.
  3. Bake in a 450 deg. oven for around 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Don’t walk away! Watch carefully to ensure they don’t burn.
  4. pour everything into a food processor (or Ninja if you have one) along with remaining honey, olive oil, and salt. Process until smooth and creamy.
  5. Play around with this a bit to get your preferred texture and taste.
  6. Add honey and/or olive oil 1 TBSP at a time to get a sweeter or smoother taste or texture.

Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow with another handmade gift idea!

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