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Hand-made gift idea day #4

November 15, 2012 by momm7540

Today’s handmade gift is for your furry side of the family. No, not for hairy uncle Bob. Sometimes we forget about our pet side of the family during the holidays. They have to put up with us all year long, too. They deserve a special treat just as much as we do.

This dog food bowl stand appears to be labor intensive. It is very much the opposite. I found this stool pre-made at a flea market for only $2. Any type of stool would work just as well. If you are handy with woodworking you could even make this yourself.


You need two purchased bowls, pencil, and a jigsaw

Flip your bowls upside down, place them where you want them, trace, and be sure to cut just short of your traced line. Otherwise your bowls will just fall right through.

follow around the holes with a thin bead of silicone and place your bowls into place. This piece can be left as is, painted, or in this case I decided to give one coat of polyurethane. I also created a little paw before I painted on the polyurethane. I created the little paw print with a wood burning tool.

The addition of the dogs name would looks super cute as well. Be creative!


What do you think? Will Fido be getting his own special place to eat this Christmas?

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4 Responses to “Hand-made gift idea day #4”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Great idea!

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