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junk food

May 15, 2012 by momm7540
If you follow my other blog , MommaHen’s Frugal Life , you probably know that I am preggers. 
Being in my second trimester , I’ve gone into craving overload! With my first children I craved liquids: juice, popsicles , watery fruits .
This time around I’m craving pure junk. 
I’m so upset. I was in a such a good healthy part of my life . Eating healthy delicious foods low in salt and sugars, good clean food , natural from the earth foods. 
Want to know what I ate for lunch today?
Salad loaded in cheese , bacon, and ranch dressing.
chips with bean dip 
snagged a couple of my sons pizza rolls
and topped it all off with a bowl of cereal. 
wow. it looks even worse on “paper” than it makes me feel……ugh.
What did you have for lunch today?

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One Response to “junk food”

  1. Amy Kinser says:

    Girl!!!! Where have I been?? I had no idea. Congrats!!! Woo hoo!! Hooray!!!

    Happy for you and your family.

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