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Before the transformation of the bakingcenter/coffeebar using an antique hutch

coffee bar/baking center part I

December 5, 2012 by momm7540

coffee and baking: two of my favorite things. They are also two things that need a special designated space all of their own. I want to share with you how I take an antique piece of furniture and a very ugly kitchen space and create an amazing transformation! …all using very little money, of course.

Meet my favorite piece of furniture. Not only is it the perfect shape,size, and age. It also holds lots of memories. This piece is the bottom of a hutch that my grandma had in a house that no longer stands. When my grandparents moved it was taken in by my great aunt, who has now passed away. It sat in this house,

my great aunt, Gladys’ house for years. It sat all alone, unwanted. After all the years this house has started to crumble. My family has decided to tear this house down, board by board, and re-purpose all of its bones to build a weekend cabin. Isn’t that amazing! Before the demolition I walked through and picked over things that were left behind, things that were destined for the trash. I can’t even begin to tell you the amazing treasures that I took home with me that day. One of my favorite things was this giant piece of furniture that I had to beg to be drug out. Naturally, everyone thought I was crazy for taking this. They’ll see. I have some really fantastic plans: A coffee bar/baking station.

In this area of my kitchen I dreamed of an entire row of windows. However, my wallet had other plans. Windows are too expensive, so I opted for another idea.

If you aren’t able to put in new windows reflect the light from windows you already have, using mirrors.

When we moved into this home I found a big mirror. Mirrors can be pretty pricey, so I hung onto this one. I knew I would use it for something. Today is the day to put it to use and hang it in my kitchen. To hang this mirror, that weighs a good 20 pounds or so, I’m going to use liquid nails adhesive. This adhesive takes about 24 hours to dry and I’m not going to stand and hold the mirror until that happens. We started by hanging a scrap piece of wood by screwing into the studs. Screwing into the studs will be a crucial step that you won’t want to skip.

Then heavily glue the back of your mirror,place on wall with it rested on your support board.


Then use another piece of scrap wood overlapping the mirror slightly and screw into a stud. Be careful not to over tighten; you may risk cracking the mirror. allow 24 hours to dry then remove your support boards.

No more pictures for now…you’ll have to come back for PART II!

I will also show how I gave this piece a make-over. Although I love the weathered look, it’s not exactly food safe. I’ll show you how you can get a butcher block top for only $30!

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6 Responses to “coffee bar/baking center part I”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Can’t wait for Part II!

  2. Nana Diana says:

    For some reason you dropped of my reading list- glad I found you again. I can’t wait to see the next step in this whole process- xo Diana

  3. anita says:

    Anxiously awaiting Part II………

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