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Living room update

March 16, 2012 by momm7540
Phew, an update. finally. I didn’t think this day was ever going to come. With some unexpected expenses this winter we couldn’t really do too many make-overs. Little by little the living room is finally coming together and I couldn’t be more excited. We are cramped in our make-shift living room right now and it’s awful!
Here is a before shot of our living room space.
We removed the old wallpaper and border, window treatments, trim , and the gas heater
We painted the two side walls grey, put a crisp clean coat of white on the ceiling , and covered the furthest wall with a shimmery damask wallpaper.
It doesn’t seem like much . But, it took quite a while to get to this point! Removing the wallpaper to achieve a smooth surface was a pain! Then putting new wall paper up was a new adventure for me . So, I had a little trouble with the seams. All in all I think it looks pretty nice!
We still need to put up new trim around the doors and floor, install new carpet, and our biggest project of the weekend…
This is the wall to the left of when you first enter the room. It’s going to be a big feature wall. I didn’t like how the wall swallowed up any entertainment center that I placed there. So I knew I had to do something pretty big.
Here is my idea:
I want to build a fireplace and have it look as though it was natural to the house.
We’ve never done anything like this…so, it should be interesting. But, with my handy man, I’m sure we can get it done.
I would like to take the center of the wall and have it step out similar to this
I’m going to add a pretty shiny tile around the fireplace to tie in with my shiny wallpaper on the opposite wall
For those of you that didn’t know my birthday was last week and one of my presents was the BEST present I could have received! My momma gave me a gift certificate to Lowes. Do you know what that means?! The fireplace wall is getting built this weekend! Hopefully I will have some updated photos for you next week. 
Wish us luck!
If you have any ideas of how we should fireproof the wall around the fireplace please write in a let me know! 
Have you ever built a fireplace? suggestions? Please leave them in the comments or email me at

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4 Responses to “Living room update”

  1. Geneva says:

    Oh my goodness! Your Living Room is looking wonderful! I love the idea of the fireplace and have been hinting to my handy man about adding a “faux” one too.

    I can't wait to see how yours turns out…with your magic touch, I know it will be great!

  2. Oh my gosh!! It is stunning!

  3. Deena says:

    Stellar work there evyenoer. I’ll keep on reading.

  4. Oooh. I like all the names. I’ve always had a fondness for the name “Jack” from the Laura Ingalls series. Or Jackson, if a two syllable name works better. I like Jake, too. I adopted a boy and girl pair of Maltese. They were already well named when I became their mama…Maverick and Bella. But I wanted to give them a name from me…so they became Maverick Jack and Bella Button…with my last name, of course. And still thinking of you with Loli…I know it’s not easy moving on…but there is always a special part of your heart that belongs specifically to Loli. I know that is the case for me with Bijou who passed 1/4/09. Maverick and Bella went to new families, since traveling to Hong Kong would have been too stressful for them. I miss them dearly, but they also have permanent places in my heart for them as well. (I also get to see them when I visit Texas.) He has such a sweet face and I’m glad you’ve found a new buddy to have adventures with. Smooches to the new boy!

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